about paleochora

Paleochora is a coastal town located on the southwest coast of Crete and apostasi70chlm. from Chania and 200 km. from Heraklion. It is built on a peninsula between two picturesque bays. Washed by the Libyan Sea and justly regarded as the "Libyan Bride" and "Land of the Sun".

He has the natural advantage of being built between two bays, the east and west.
The small peninsula on which it is located, starting from the mountains that surround the protection from strong seasonal winds.

The known wind. The mountains are located north of Paleochora is impressive because of the height (300 m), but have a distinct beauty and grace, because the presence of enriching the natural landscape. Ie what visitors are protothafmazei alternating hills and mountain blocks, with undergrowth of aromatic shrubs and plants.
This rare and somewhat wild landscape automatically, with the entrance of the visitor to Paleochora, follows a tame level and spreading out, the plain of Paleochora.

The boundaries and asymmetric limits set by the Libyan Sea.
The western bay is defined by an artificial harbor in the beautiful area of ​​the pan with the navy lighthouse sticking on mikronisida on the rota of ships bound for Gibraltar or contrary to the Suez Canal. Follow this coast is the day area of ​​thick sand about Paleochora is a benchmark.
The clean beach which is permanently waving the blue flag of the summer months receives thousands of visitors.

The east bay, stands out, apart, as if miles away from the first. It has pebbles and rocks, ie an ordinary Greek landscape. Opposite is the massif of the White Mountains that separates us from the province of Sfakia.

The pier located in the Gulf this serves the foreigners who want to visit Sougia, Agia Roumeli, the Aoutro, the town of Sfakia, Gavdos and Elafonisi.

Seafood these intra-day trips with comfortable and convenient boats available to the site, you provide a quite beautiful and original trip. We have perhaps the best beaches in Crete spanning 18 km on either side of Paleochora.

There are several hiking trails in the European path E4 & E1 and out all of them end up in one of our beautiful beaches.

Other water activities include swimming, serfing, water skiing, snorkeling and photos, jet ski, kite, sailing, fishing ...

In the evenings after a busy days or not, you can enjoy your walk, your food and coffee to the coastal and central streets of Paleochora where they remain closed to cars and become pedestrians.

With all that Paleochora is a Greek corner where the holidaymaker is not object "tourist" Operations and enjoys a peaceful humanity, the Cretan hospitality, the unique nature of the holiday.
You can easily episkeftite archaeological and historical sites, Byzantine churches and monasteries, museums .....

The climate of Paleochora from early May until the end of October is sweet and sea temperatures in May and October are higher than they are in July and August in northern European countries.

The winter is pleasant. The rainfall is about 400 to 450 mm per year. The average temperature is 19,5 °. 41,5 ° The maximum and minimum 6-7 °.