Loutron is located 74km south of the city of Chania in Sfakia province at the tip of the cape Mouri. Thought that was the side of the ancient city Phoenix and was also the port of ancient Anopolis. Later became the winter harbor of the town of Sfakia, due to the fact that the surrounding bay and the small island at the entrance create a natural harbor where ships can be safe even in very bad weather. The village is named after the baths found there, the water of which came from Anopoli. Except for the old buildings, it is also intreresting to see the governor used in 1821 (during the revolution). From Loutron you can visit the ruins of ancient Aradenas with the Byzantine church of Archangel Michael and Anopolis. It is a small graphic village with clean beach and within small walking distance you can also find beautiful beaches like Glika Nera,Timios Stavros,Pervolaki and Marmara. The access in this small paradise is possible with the boat that leaves Paleochora in regular basis, but also it is possible to drive until you pass Anopoli and stop after some km, in order to continue by walking for some kms more.