Kedrodasos (IE Cedar Forest) is an Amazing Beach, Located Southwest of Chania 76km and 1km east of The Famous Elafoniss I Lagoon. The Beach is filled With juniper trees (mistakenly Confused With Cedars) and sanddunes, reminding of Tropical Lebanese beaches. These are the small twisted junipers (juniper species are Juniperus oxycedrus subsp. Macrocarpa and Juniperus phoenicea). If you ever visit the beach, you should note that the trees are very fragile and need respect.

The cedar grove covers a big area of ​​about 110 acres and is a magnificent place. It is a wonderful choice for camping and a favorite beach for naturists. It is a very nice beach with white sand and some smooth and flat rocks in places. Fortunately, there are no facilities nearby, making this secluded beach, one of the latest untouched paradises in Europe. Moreover, since the beach is secluded, you should keep it clean and not littered.

The beach is protected to some point from the winds that usually blow in the neighboring Elafonissos. The European path E4 crosses the beach (there are yellow and black signs everywhere).

Access to the beach of Kedrodasos is a bit tricky, thus we'll try to describe how to come here. About 500m before you reach the first buildings of Elafonissos, there is a small road at your left hand-side. It is a asphalt road for just about 5m and then continues unmade. Take The First turning left (The greenhouses on right) and The next left again. A Stone Wall after The left on, keep on Going Straight, and Then turn right down A pot-holed Narrow lane With The greenhouses on left? finally turn left again and You Will See A -Car parking area Ahead (and unfortunately rubbish A Tip ). The distance from the main road is 2.5 km. The beach is visible from this point, but you should go down the path ... and there you are!